We are really happy to celebrate a successful Black Marlin Catch by two of our favourite customers Chris and Richard.

Chris had a day out on the 28/07 and caught his first Dorado.
Richard took out the Paille-En-Queue 2 on the 29/07 unfortunately he missed a Marlin who broke free but was happy to catch up with the Sportfisher Crew.

On the 31st Chris and Richard decided to go out again but together this time.
With proper team work Richards lure managed to attract a Black Marlin, Chris managed to reel the Black Marlin and successfully turn the strike into a catch!

Richard managed to get his fix and caught a beautiful Spanish Mackerel on the Jig.

While on the boat talking with the crew, Chris realised that his friend was the manufacturer of the rods Sportfisher uses.
Talk about a coincidence!

We are happy that our clients enjoyed such beautiful sunny day on one of our beautiful Big Game Fishing Boats the Paille-En-Queue 3 and that the hard work and dedication from our crew Michael and J. Dennis finally paid off with a beautiful 210 pound Black Marlin.

The line test for the catch was 80 pounds and gave our loyal clients quite the battle on the fighting chair.

You never know what a day out fishing on the ocean might bring you.
The Team at Sportfisher are very glad that such good customers had such a great day with us and we hope to see them again soon, wearing our Sportfisher shirts proudly of course!